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Italian real estate kase group was born in 2014 from an idea, or better, from a dream of the founding partners, active in the real estate brokerage sector, around the beginning of the 90s in a leading franchising group. From the desire for change, innovation and new incentives, the new real estate network of turin and its province takes shape, which is on the market with professionalism, competence and confidentiality.

Subsequently, other colleagues who were part of the same group of origin of the founding members, also married the italian dream kase, thus going to expand the network. The italian kase group, from its birth, was present only in the northern province of turin up to the canavese, from 2018 is expanding its network of franchise offices in the city of turin.

The offices belonging to the italian kase group deal with the residential, commercial and industrial sectors, thus giving the client a competent and professional service in all fields of the real estate sector.

The italian kase consultants are real estate operators with excellent knowledge of the territory they operate on and of the various market dynamics, in order to offer security and serenity to customers who rely on the group.

The italian network kase has, within it, a technical area that allows our customers to have advice on all the technical / building aspects. Italiana kase has a solid and consolidated partnership with the best credit and notary professionals in order to offer the customer the most complete service possible.

Italian real estate kase group offers its customers a high degree of quality in all phases of the delicate and important time of purchase, sale or lease of their property, with the primary objective of obtaining the best result in the shortest time possible.


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